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Guide to hiring software developers for your dream team

You want to hire a new developer to support your team, or want to build up a new development team? New trends show how everybody is investing their money in software development. In my opinion, every company today has to do some software (or should), but there are very different ways to go about it. You could have some kind of  project managers supervising an outsourced team in Bangalore or Rio doing your software. If that works for you be happy, but you should be aware that you are not investing in software as in creating value for your company. Your software is costing you like you were leasing a machine. Lots of companies have found out the hard way, that this model does not suffices. Different to leasing a machine, you will not get the new model in 2 years just like that. In order to be competitive in today's market you need to invest in the knowledge that is reflected by your software applications and house them intern. If your company has decided to build up a …